Wax Sealed Eggs

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make some unique, bookish themed eggs to decorate your Spring home, with this fun, and easy project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


To begin, remove some pages from your book.  Make them into a stack, and use your ruler, and craft knife to cut the pages into thin strips–about 1/4-inch wide.  They don’t have to be uniform in width, just approximate.  Tear those strips into inch-and-a-half long pieces.

Use your Mod Podge to apply the small strips to one side of the egg.  You can either lay them in one direction, or in any direction–it’s just up to your preference.  Let the first side dry, and then apply strips to the opposite side, until the whole egg is covered.  Let dry.

Wrap some jute around the middle of your egg, and tie a small knot to hold it in place.  Now we’ll apply a  wax seal to the egg, I tried some different methods:

Actual sealing wax directly applied to the egg.

Fake wax seals made with hot glue.

To apply a real wax seal to the egg, simply drip wax onto the egg, and push the metal seal into the wax–remove it when it’s cool.

To make a faux, hot glue seal on the egg, apply a pool of hot glue directly to the egg.

Let the hot glue cool for a minute, and then push the brass button (or actual seal) into the glue.  Let the glue cool until you can easily pull the button away from the glue.

To make flat seals, off of the egg, make circles of hot glue on the parchment paper.  Let them cool a few seconds.

Push your brass buttons, or metal seals into the pools of hot glue.

Let cool, and then remove the buttons, and seals.

Use your gold paint to paint the seals.  Let dry.

Peel the fake seals from the parchment, and use a little hot glue to attach them to the eggs.  The new hot glue will soften the seals, so use it sparingly, and use the heat from the glue to help mold the softened seals to a curved shape.

Happy Crafting!

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