How To Crochet A Scrunchie

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Guest Blogger, Rachel from the blog Approaching Home

Learning how to crochet a scrunchie is quick and easy, you will want to make several! This tutorial is perfect for beginners because it only requires two basic stitches, the single crochet, and the double crochet. These scrunchies only take about 30 minutes each, and would make perfect DIY gifts.

When making this crochet scrunchie it’s important to remember that you want it to stretch! I will give the exact numbers I used on my standard sized scrunchie in the pattern below, but if your hair tie is smaller or larger than you will need to adjust how many stitches you make accordingly.

You’re going to love this cute twist on a stylish hair accessory!

The supplies you will need for this project are:

  • Yarn (I used a medium “4” yarn)
  • A crochet hook slightly bigger than your yarn calls for (I used a gauge 6)
  • A hair tie

Step 1.
For round one, Make a loop with the yarn and place it on your hook. Leave the tail long enough to tie later. Crochet a single crochet working into the center of the hair tie.

Step 2.
Continue to make single crochets all around the hair tie. Make sure you don’t make then too tight, you want the hair tie to be able to slide through your loops very easily! Don’t be afraid to make your stitches looser than normal.

Holding onto the hair tie can be a little tricky at first while you do the single stitches. To make it easier, you can pinch the hair tie like in the photo below.

Step 3.
When you complete the first round, stretch your scrunchie to evenly distribute all the stitches. See if there is any more room to add a few more, and if so, add a few more. (I was able to fit 48 single crochets on my scrunchie)

When you have added as many single crochets into the hair tie as you can, and it stretches well, you can begin round two.

For round two, make 3 double crochets into every stitch from row one. This will make the ruffle. (I ended up with 144 double crochets since I had 48 single crochets)

Step 4.
When you have made 3 double crochets into every stitch, finish the scrunchie by cutting the string and pulling the tail through your last loop to tie it off. Then, tie the two tails together in a tight knot and trim the ends.

Step 5.
Stretch your crochet scrunchie a few times to make it look nice!

And you’re done! You have just made your very first home made crochet scrunchie. Now you can make a whole colorful set!

Author Bio:

Rachel is a mom of 3 and avid crafter and seamstress. She loves to upcycle and DIY, and especially loves making things for her kids. She blogs about motherhood and homemaking at

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