Toadstool Earring Holder

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a cute display for your dangly earrings, with this easy, and fun project!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your serrated knife to carefully cut your Styrofoam ball in half.  Center the half-ball dome on top of your wood round, and trace around it with your pencil.  Evenly space dots all around the outer ring you’ve created, keeping the dots about 1/8-inch away from the edge.  These will be your holes that you hang your earrings from, so make as few, or as many as needed–you should be able to fit 2 earwires (a pair of earrings) through each hole.

Use your drill with the 1/16-inch bit to drill out all of the holes.  Use your sandpaper on each side of the wood to smooth any rough edges.

Use your hot glue to attach the Styrofoam dome to the center of the wood round.

Roll a long, thin rope of clay–a little thinner than a pencil.  Wrap the clay rope around the base of the Styrofoam dome.

Use your fingers, and a little water as needed, to smooth the clay down onto the wood circle.  Don’t worry too much about covering the holes.  You can poke them back out with a needle.

Now smooth the clay onto the Styrofoam dome, and add more clay to create a thin layer over the whole dome.  Smooth with wet fingers.

To create a little frog to sit on top, roll a small egg shape from your clay, and flatten the bottom.  Attach to the top of the dome by lightly scoring the bottom of the frog, and the top of the dome, applying a little water, and then joining the surfaces together.  Use your fingers, or the blunt edge of a table knife to press, and smooth the clay into the top of the mushroom all around the base of the frog.  Then join two tiny balls of clay to the top of the head in the same manner.  Let your clay dry until hard.  To speed my drying time up, I put it in the oven on the lowest setting until hard.

Paint the outside of your jar white.  Two coats will probably be needed to coat well–let dry between coats.

Paint your mushroom cap, and froggie.  Let dry.  Use your E6000 adhesive to stick the cap centered on top of the jar.  Let dry.  Spray the whole mushroom, cap and stem, with clear gloss coat.  It may take 2 coats–let dry between coats.

Use hot glue to attach a piece of lace around the very top of the jar, where the wood meets the jar.

Now insert your earring wires into the holes around the mushroom cap, and enjoy your cute earring holder!

Happy Crafting!

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