Leprechaun Door

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a magical door to let wee leprechauns into your home this St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut one craft stick in half.  Lay four other craft sticks side by side.  Use your tacky glue to glue the craft stick halves across the four sticks–positioning one stick near the bottom, and the other one closer to the middle.  Let dry.

Use your pencil to draw the shape you wish the top of your door to be.

Carefully use your craft knife to cut along your pencil line.  Trim the bottom edge straight across.

Use your craft knife to cut a small hole that will fit the shank to your brass button, if desired.  I find it helps keep your doorknob from falling off.

Paint your cardstock with the gold acrylic paint.  Let dry.

Paint the door with the green acrylic paint.  Let dry.

Use your ruler, and your craft knife to cut some thin strips from your gold painted cardstock.  Use your scissors to cut fancy looking “hinges” from your gold painted cardstock.

Use your tacky glue to attach the brass button doorknob to your door, and to apply the gold paper strips, and paper hinges to your door.  Let dry.

Using your small detail brush, and gold acrylic paint, paint a shamrock, and other decorations onto your door.  Let dry.

Use your marker to add “rivets,” and other details, as you desire, to your door.

Place some little pieces of poster tack putty onto the back of your door, and hang it on the bottom of the wall so all of the wee leprechauns can bring their magic into your house this St. Patrick’s Day.



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