Simple Watercolour Rose Card

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By Needlework and General Crafts Contributor Emily from the blog Larkspur Cottage.

This beautiful card is a great beginner watercolour design. It’s hard to go wrong with the romantic loose roses, especially with a touch of gold and calligraphy.

Here’s What You Need:

Cut a rectangle out of the paper. I recommend testing your pen on the paper first, as pens or calligraphy ink can bleed on some watercolour papers. Using pale, watery pink, paint loose swirls all over the paper.


Once the first swirls have dried, go over them with a darker pink, perhaps with a little yellow added in. Leave the area where you will be writing your message in a little paler. Let the roses dry, then add some little leaves in the gaps.


Add another layer of swirls with a gold pen over the dried paint. Now you can write your message with a calligraphy pen or a regular pen in the paler area of the card. The lower right corner or through the middle of the card often look best. This watercolour image can now be mounted onto a blank card, if desired.

This timeless design is so simple, and pretty much anything you do with the rosy paint and gold pen will look delightfully romantic!

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