Winter Bloom Bobby Pins

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By Needlework and General Crafts Contributor Emily from the blog Larkspur Cottage.

This little blossom is the perfect introduction to making felt flowers. The process is simple and it uses only a little bit of felt to produce a charming three-dimensional flower. This felt flower can also be used to create a flower crown, bouquet, or wreath.

Here’s What You Need:

First, cut four or five identical petal shapes out of the felt. These shapes should be like teardrops with a flat, rather than a curved, base. The petals should all be the same size; 1 inch is a good petal length for on a bobby pin.

Hand sew a running stitch along the flat bottoms of the petals. Pull the thread to gather the petals into a flower shape.

Add a few stitches in the center to secure your flower, then sew the flower onto the bobby pin. It is better to sew and glue, rather than just glue, the flower to the pin, as glue doesn’t always attach securely to the metal long-term.

Sew a pearl or other bead into the centre of the flower to hide your sewing and add some beautiful embellishment. For extra security, glue a small piece of felt to the underside of the flower, over the bobby pin. The glue will hold the flower in place on the pin, while the sewing will keep the flower attached long-term.

This little flower is a delightful embellishment to any hairstyle. A whole bouquet of bobby pins would be extra special!

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