Love is in the Air Canvas Art

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create some crafty love, and let your love soar sky high–Create a whimsical piece of art for Valentine’s Day with this easy project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Use the 1-inch brush to paint the bottom half of your canvas with your lightest blue color.

While the paint is still wet, begin painting the darker blue onto the top of the canvas, and then blend it into the lighter blue as you go down so you have an ombre blue sky.  Let dry.

Fold one of your pieces of paper in half.  Cut a heart that is roughly 6-inches tall into the fold.

Use that heart as a template, and trace onto other folded pieces of your paper.  Cut out.

You’ll need at least 8 hearts.

Fold the hearts in half so that the pattern is on the inside.  With the heart folded, glue another folded heart onto the top, so the white sides are together.

Continue gluing the folded hearts together, white sides together, into a stack.  Let dry, being careful to make sure that the patterned sides are not sticking together.

Open the heart up like a book, and glue the two bottom layers, and spine of your heart book, to the top portion of your canvas to create the balloon part of your hot air  balloon.

Cut a cup out of your egg carton.  Cut the cup in half so it will fit flat against your canvas to form the basket.

Glue the egg cup basket about 4 inches below your balloon.

Cut a tinsel stem in half.  Attach the bottom of each half to the inside front portion of your egg cup basket.

Glue the upper part of your tinsel stems to the inside folds of your balloon above.

Cut another tinsel stem in half, and then cut one of those halves in half.  Take those short pieces and use your hot glue to attach them to the back of your basket, against the canvas, and then up into the bottom portion of your balloon.

Glue clusters of 3 pom-poms around in your sky to form heart-shaped clouds.

Use your pen to write “Love is in the air,” or some other message onto your canvas, embellish as you desire.

Happy Valentine’s Day Crafting!

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