Mending With Felt

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Have a mending pile that’s grown too large? Felt is an excellent fiber to mend your clothes. Since the edges don’t fray when cut, beginning sewers can flex their creativity while patching up holes. Instead of trying to hide the patch, you can have fun using shapes to enhance your clothing. This tutorial will show you several ways to mend using felt.






This cat toy is much loved but had recently developed a hole that let all the catnip spill out. First I cut away any stray threads around the hole.

I used a different color felt for my repair to show off my patch. I cut a square slightly larger than the hole.

Folding the square in half I cut out a heart shape. You can draw your desired shape if you like.

Placing it over the hole, I hand stitched the patch to the cat toy.

Since felt doesn’t fray I didn’t have to tuck under the edges. Instead I sewed around them until the entire patch was secured down.

My gardening pants developed a hole so I decided to get creative with my patch shape. More complex shapes are easier to make if you cut out a template. Using an old pizza box, I drew and then cut out a star shape.

Use a fabric marker that disappears so your outlines won’t show on your patch.

Pin patch over the hole and sew into place. For this patch I first did a running stitch.

Then I went around the patch again and stitched around the star’s edges.

Now the hole is not only covered, the pants have a fun design feature.

T-shirt holes can be difficult to repair. A few simple stitches can sew a hole closed. But if the fabric is thin, the threads create a bump in the fabric.

I decided to cut out small felt flowers. These flowers range from ¾” to 1” across.

First the flower patch was attached to the t-shirt with multiple stitches in its center. This helped to enhance the flower shape, as does the contrasting thread color.

After the center was secured, I sewed down the edges with the same color thread.

Using a similar color felt for your repair makes for a more subtle patch.

For this patch, I sewed down the center first. I made smaller stitches to create a decorative center. However, as you can see from the underside, it is still secured down and covers the hole.

Like the ones before I tacked down the edges of the felt to the t-shirt. Now the holes are repaired and the clothing has been given a creative upcycle.

Craft on!

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