Embroidered Daisy Barrette

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By Needlework and General Crafts Contributor Emily from the blog Larkspur Cottage

This embroidered barrette is a wonderful way to make an heirloom-quality gift in a short amount of time! It is the perfect canvas for a variety of beginner embroidery skills, and you won’t be able to resist making a coordinating set in different colours and designs!  

Here’s What You Need:


First, trace the shape of your closed barrette onto the fabric with the disappearing fabric pen. Also mark a second line around, about 1/4 inch away from the barrette line, for cutting the finished embroidery out. Trace your barrette onto the matching felt as well.


Embroider your chosen design onto the fabric, inside the barrette tracing. I chose to do a Black-eyed Susan style daisy design, made of lazy-daisy stitch and French knots. Cut this design out along the second line, which should leave a ¼ inch empty border around the embroidery. I used a water-soluble pen, and chose to remove the ink with water at this point.

Sew a gathering stich around the edge of the embroidered fabric. Then, place the open barrette on the fabric, embroidery side out, and use the seam to gather the fabric in around the barrette. A few extra stitches will be needed to secure the fabric.

Using the barrette clip as a guide, cut a small hole in the felt piece, so that it fits over the barrette. Then, sew the edge of the felt to the edge of the fabric covered barrette. Finished! 

An embroidered clip or two make the perfect stocking stuffer!

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