Gingerbread Man Grab Game

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a fun Christmas themed game with this very easy project — fun for kids, and adults alike to play!

Gingerbread Man Grab is played using 21 gingerbread men with colorful candy buttons, and two dice with different colors on each side.  The colors on the dice correspond to the colors of the candy button pom-poms on the gingerbread men.  The gingerbread men are placed on the table between the two players.  One player rolls the dice, and the dice land showing a combination of colors on their top faces — for instance: red/white.  The two players then visually search the gingerbread men on the table in front of them for the gingerbread man with the red and white candy buttons. The order of the colors of the buttons does not matter — there just needs to be a red button and a white button on same gingerbread man.  The first player to spot and snatch the correct gingerbread man, keeps him.  The second player then rolls the dice, and players once again search for correct gingerbread man.  Play continues until one player gets 10 gingerbread men, and is the winner!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, you need to choose 6 different colors of pom-poms to be the colors in your game. I chose: blue, purple, white, green, red, and pink.  These colors will also be the colors that are painted onto the different sides of your dice.

We now need to figure out all of the possible combinations that can be rolled, so we can sort our pom-poms, and  assemble our gingerbread men.  We want all possible color combinations, but we’re not worried about whether the dice roll red/green, or green/red combination–order doesn’t matter for this game.  So, we don’t need repeats of the same color combos.  That being said, here are the possible combinations for two dice using the six colors I chose–change up colors to fit the colors of pom-poms you choose.

  1. blue, purple
  2. blue, white
  3. blue, green
  4. blue, red
  5. blue, pink
  6. purple, white
  7. purple, green
  8. purple, red
  9. purple, pink
  10. white, green
  11. white, red
  12. white, pink
  13. green, red
  14. green, pink
  15. red, pink
  16. blue, blue
  17. purple, purple
  18. white, white
  19. green, green
  20. red, red
  21. pink, pink

Now, sort out all of your pairs of pom-poms.

Use a fairly large dot of glue to attach one pair of pom-poms per gingerbread man.  Let dry.

Now, using your acrylic paint, paint each color onto one side of BOTH blocks.  You want two identical dice — each of the six colors painted on one of the faces.  Let dry.

That’s it!  You’re done!  Now play!

Here is a summary of how the Gingerbread Man Grab game is played:

Gingerbread Man Grab

2 Players

To Play:

Lay all of the gingerbread men, face up, on the table between the two players.  Spread them out a bit so they’re not touching.

Player one rolls the dice.  Both players look to see what color combination is showing on the face of the dice.

Both players visually search the gingerbread men for the gingerbread man wearing the candy buttons in the color combination that was just rolled — remember, color order doesn’t matter–red/white, or white/red, you’re just looking for a red button, and a white button on the same gingerbread man.  The first player to spot the correct gingerbread man grabs him, and gets to keep that gingerbread man.

Player two now rolls the dice, and play continues as above.  The first player to collect 10* gingerbread men is the winner!

*feel free to change up the winning number to be more, or fewer gingerbread men, depending on the age of you players.  You can also decide if, rather than stopping at a certain number, you want to just keep rolling, and collecting until all of the gingerbread men are gone.  Then the player with the most gingerbread men is the winner.


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