Take a Turkey Game

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Have some fun this Thanksgiving playing this homemade game–fun to play with kids, and adults alike!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your black acrylic paint and your tiny detail brush to paint two tiny black dots for eyes onto each of the 24 small clothespins.  Paint the eyes on the end of the pin that you pinch together, not the side that you clip onto something.

Use your orange paint to paint a beak onto each turkey pin.

Paint a tiny red wattle onto each turkey.

Use your hot glue to attach a feather to the back of each pin, so it sticks up behind the turkey to form it’s tail.

To create the fences for your game you’ll need 4 popsicle sticks, each a different color, and 3 big clothespins per fence–12 total.  Clip 1 pin on each end of the stick, and clip one pin onto the bottom of one of the pins to create a stabilizer to keep your fence from being tippy.  Make 4.  You’ll take apart these fences to store them in the box after playing, and them reassemble them every time you play.

Print out a copy of Take a Turkey PDF to get to rolling cards, and the rules.  Cut apart the 4 rolling cards, so each player has one to reference during play.  Clip all of the turkeys around the top of the wooden box–this is the turkey pen, or “home.”

To play:  All players need one fence, one rolling card, and place the turkey’s home pen in the middle of the playing area.

Players take turns rolling the die, and following the rolling card directions to either take, steal, or lose a turkey.

Players keep rolling, and taking/losing turkeys until one player gets 6 turkeys on their fence.  The player with 6 turkeys is the winner!

To store the game, simply take apart the fences, and place the fence parts, die, turkeys, and paper rolling cards into the box.

Happy Crafting!

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