Plant Cuttings Holder

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

I love having houseplants. Recently I’ve gotten into taking plant cuttings. It’s such a fun way to make more houseplants. But my counter space was getting crowded with jars so I made a jar holder to keep them tidy. This tutorial will show you how to make your own out of scrap wood.

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Collect some jars of similar size. This tea sample kit had ten identical jars that were the perfect size for plant cuttings.

If upcycling old jars, soak them overnight so you can remove the labels. Having clear jars will let you peek to see if roots are developing without disturbing your cuttings.

For scrap wood I used leftovers from a recent fence project. Pressure treated 4x4s make a great holder for this project.

Position your jars on your wood and draw circles around them. These are the markings for your holes.

Hole drilling drill bits make quick holes in wood. My jars were ¾” wide. The ¾” bit made a hole that wasn’t wide enough so I used a 1” bit instead.

Drill holes into your wood. Safety first-always wear safety goggles and wear gloves when working with power tools.

Check the fit of your jars before drilling all the holes.

If you are unfamiliar with drills or feel unsafe using one, seek the help of someone with power tool experience.

Drill holes deep enough so your jars will sit ⅓ of the way in the wood. This will allow you to watch your plant cuttings grow.

Wrap the bottoms of your jars with a rubber band before placing them in the hole.

This makes for a snug fit which keeps your jars standing up straight.

Fill the jars with water and plant cuttings. Then sit your new holder in a sunny window and wait for them to grow roots.

Craft on!

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2 thoughts on “Plant Cuttings Holder

  1. Judy Shepherd

    What a neat idea! (Literally and figuratively). I might just try to make this for my son. He loves to try to root plant cuttings and is very organized. Doesn’t like a lot of stuff sitting around. This is perfect! Thank you.

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