Tape Resist Turkey Painting

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Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away. My daughter and I always have so much fun decorating for the holidays, but our Thanksgiving décor is lacking and so I thought we could have fun creating some new Fall and Thanksgiving items together.  My daughter loved helping me with this Turkey painting, and I am sure that little crafter in your life will too.

Here’s What You Need:

How To Make Your Own:

You can either freehand a turkey on to your canvas board or use the template and transfer it onto the canvas board. I didn’t have any transfer paper, so I used the the pencil transfer method, which is incredible easy.

Using the side of the pencil rub all over the back of the Turkey Head Template.

Now turn the page over, place on the canvas and trace the outline of the turkey head.

This will leave a penciled outline on your canvas.

Next use the masking tape to tape off the wing design. I started started by making a simple fan of tape around the turkey head to make different segments, Then I added tape between tape to make these segments a sort of chevron shape (see picture below).

Then I had my assistant (my 6 year old) paint the turkey feathers. I set her up with about 6 different colors of paint, and just let her go for it. I didn’t quite trust her to not drop any paint on the face area so I went ahead and covered it with tape for this part. I am sure your little helper will love this part too!

She wanted me to take this picture of her progress.

Once the feather paint is dry, remove the tape, and then paint on the face. Your turkey is done!!!


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