Creepy Cute Bat

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a creepy cute decoration for your Halloween home with these simple instructions.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, print and cut out the pattern pieces.  Next, choose the main color for your bat.  Choose a contrasting color for the eyes, and wings.  Cut out all of the pieces of your bat.

Thread your needle with 3 strands of embroidery floss that match the color felt that you chose for your bat.  Stack the two body pieces together, and use a whip stitch to stitch the body pieces together, leaving the top edge open.  Stuff the body.

Sew a running stitch along the outside edge of the head piece.  Carefully pull the thread to cinch up the head into a sphere, stuff with fiber, and sew shut–sew it shut, but make sure you’ll still be able to poke a wire up through the seam in a following step.

Cut a 3-inch piece of wire, and use your pliers to bend one end over so you have a bit of a loop at one end.

Dip the little loop you made in glue, and then poke it up through the seam in the head, so the wire is coming out the bottom of the head to form the neck.

Starting up by the head, wrap a black chenille stem tightly around the neck wire, and continue wrapping the stem down the length of the neck to fully cover the wire.

Dip the end of the neck wire into the glue, and poke into the top of the body–leave about an inch long neck sticking out of the body.  Use your needle and thread to stitch a running stitch around the top opening of the body, and cinch it shut around the neck.

Cut two 6-inch long pieces of wire.  Make two tiny snips into the bottom of the felt body where you would like the legs to stick out.  Dip the ends of the wires into the glue, and poke into the body.

Cut two 3-inch pieces of wire.  Make two tiny snips into both sides of the upper felt body where you would like the arms to be positioned.  Dip the ends of the wires into the glue, and poke them into the upper body.

Take both a black, and white chenille stem, and hold them together so they are even.  Beginning at the top of the leg, next to the body, begin wrapping the chenille stems tightly around the wire to fully cover the leg.  Cut off excess, and tack with glue at the end, as needed.  Repeat with the second leg.

Wrap the arms with black chenille stems, like you did the neck.

Cut a short piece of black chenille stem, and form a loose “m” shape that will fit inside one of your wing pieces.  Lay one bat wing on your work surface, and cover the top with glue.  Place the “m” piece on the glue, and run a bead of glue across it as well.  Place the second bat wing on top, sandwiching the chenille stem “m” inside.  Press to adhere.  Let dry.

Use your needle and floss to attach the ears to the back of the head, so they stick up and can be seen in the front.

Place your eye spots in place on the face where you want the bat’s eyes to be.  Use your needle and floss to attach a black bead to the center of each eye dot, simultaneosly securing the bead and spot to the head.

Use use your needle and floss to stitch a small mouth, and fangs onto your bat.

Now attach your wings to the upper back of your bat using your needle and floss.

Embellish your bat as desired!

Creepy Crafting!

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