Crescent Wreath

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Learn how to take a plain, wire wreath form, and alter it into a unique, and beautiful new take on a traditional wreath with this easy project.  I’ll show you how to create your basic crescent wreath base, and then you use your imagination to decorate it in any theme you desire!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To Create a Nature Inspired Crescent Wreath, Like I Made:

To begin, examine your wreath, and see how it is made up of sections that are divided by shorter pieces of wire running across the long circles.  We want to remove one of these sections.  Use your wire cutters to snip the long wires on the OUTSIDE of the section that you’ll be removing.  You want to snip right up against the short, perpendicular wire, leaving long pieces of wire dangling free.

Pinch the long wire ends together into a point, nesting the ends together so they are flat, not on top of each other.  Fold a piece of duct tape over the end to hold them in place.  Wrap the end with more tape, as needed to make it smooth, and hold the wires in place.  Repeat with the other end.

Repeat with the other end.

Fold the end of your burlap over the end of your first pointed end at a 45-degree angle, using hot glue to hold it in place.  Begin wrapping your burlap around the crescent, overlapping a bit as you go.  Carefully use hot glue to help you tack it down as you go, running it along the more solid edges of the burlap strip, so it doesn’t seep through the holes and burn your fingers.

Continue wrapping until you come to the end, and once again, fold the burlap carefully so you’re left with a nice point on each end of your crescent.   Done!  Now you can poke a piece of string/ribbon/wire through the layers of burlap on the top of your wreath, going under the top wire, and create a loop to hang your wreath by when you’re finished.

You can stop here, and decorate your wreath how you wish, or follow along, and create a moss covered, nature inspired wreath like I created.  To create a moss covered wreath, a great way to begin is with cut, and peel adhesive moss.  You can cut any shape, like I did, to cover the pointed ends of my crescent, and simply peel and stick it onto your surface.  I also cut some strips, and wound them around the ends to get more coverage.  The adhesive is really strong, and I love it because it covers well, quickly, and is not messy to use.

Use hot glue to apply other varieties of moss to add more interest.  I used some sheet moss, as well as reindeer moss.

Once you’ve covered your wreath with moss, begin attaching your dried flowers.  I started with some sprays of tiny flowers to create a foundation.

Then, add your larger elements–dried flowers, seed pods, seashells, rocks, acorn caps, sticks, etc.  I bought a bouquet of dried flowers to use, but then I also used some things I collected in nature as well.

Focus on giving your wreath a focal point in one area, and embellish out from there.

I suggest leaving the ends of your wreath more plain, so you don’t lose your nice crescent shape.

I found a wooden owl Christmas ornament to add to my wreath, and simply snipped off the hanger.  There are so many cute themed Christmas ornaments out there that can be utilized for any season’s decorating

Add paper feathers, real feathers, keys, beads, and anything else you can think of!

Happy Crafting!

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