Paper Feathers

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Learn to create some pretty paper feathers to use in your crafting, and decorating with this simple tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Remove pages from your book.  You’ll need two pages, or pieces of paper, for each feather.

Use you wire cutters to cut a piece of wire that is as long as your book page measures diagonally, plus a couple more inches long.  Apply glue all over the surface of your book page, and lay the wire diagonally across it.  Apply a line of glue under, and over the top of the wire.

Press the second book page over the top of the glue, and wire, and smooth flat.  Run your fingers along wire, pressing the paper around it.  Let dry completely.

Use your scissors to cut a feather shape out of the paper, with the wire as the very center of the feather.

Use your scissors to snip a fine fringe into both sides of your feather, not cutting all the way to the middle wire.

Use your fingers to carefully ruffle the fringe on the sides of the feather, and gently bend the wire to give your feather some shape.

Wrap the wire on the end of the feather with floral tape.

Now use your beautiful feathers to decorate with, on a wreath, in an arrangement, or in your crafting projects.

Happy Crafting!


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