Spool Pumpkins & Bats

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make some spooky cute Halloween decorations with this easy project–fun to make for both kids, and grown-ups!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, glue the end of your orange yard to the top of the winding area on the spool, and then wind your spool, fully covering it with yarn.  I dabbed a bit of glue on the yarn here-and-there as I wrapped to help hold it in place.  Keep your wraps neat, side-by-side, rather than over the top of one another, for the neatest look.  Wrap all the way to the bottom, add a dab of glue, and then wrap back up to the top again, covering the first layer.  Cut the yarn, and glue down the tail.

Repeat with the black, and white yarn on the other spools.

For the two pumpkins, break off a bit of twig, and glue into the hole at the top of the spool for a stem.  Cut a small leaf out of green felt, and glue against the stem.

Cut jack-o-lantern faces for your pumpkins from the black felt, and glue to your spool to give your pumpkin a face.

To create the bat, cut two wings from the black felt, and adhere to both sides of the black yarn spool.

Attach googly eyes (I used two different sizes to give my bat a bit of a zany look).  Cut small fangs from your white felt, and attach with glue.  Cut two pointed ears and glue above your bat’s face.

Try stacking your decorations like a little totem pole, if desired, poking the pumpkin stems into the bottom of the spool above it.  Try wrapping spools with other colors of yarn and making monsters, witches, ghosts, and other Halloween creatures as well.

Happy Halloween Crafting!

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