Pretty Hair Stick

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a pretty hair accessory for yourself, or as a gift to give, with this simple tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your ruler to measure an 8-inch length of dowel.  Use your heavy duty cutters to nip around the outside of the dowel, deeply scoring the wood at the 8-inch mark.  When you have scored the wood all the way around, carefully break the dowel using the score line.

Use your utility knife to carefully carve one end of the dowel into a tapered point.

Use your sandpaper to smooth any rough areas on your tapered end.

Use your drill to make two small holes, about 1-inch apart on the blunt end of your dowel.

Cut a piece of wire that is about 18-inches long.  Poke one end through the top most hole, bending the end back toward the length of wire.  Use your needle nosed pliers to twist, and tighten the tail onto the rest of the wire.

String about a dozen beads onto the wire.

Slide a couple of beads up against the top of the wire, tightly against the hairstick.  Use the excess wire to wrap once around the dowel, and around the beads to hold them in place.

Slide 2, or 3 more beads down the wire, and up against the dowel.  Once again use some of the excess wire to wrap around the dowel, and beads to secure them in place.

Continue sliding beads down the wire, and using the excess wire between the beads to wrap and secure them to the end of the stick in a decorative manner.  When you’ve used all of your beads, trim the excess wire so it is about 4-inches long.  Poke the end through the bottom hole, pull gently to tighten, wrap it around the stick again, and back through the opposite side of the hole once again.  Do this a few times, and then twist the end around a bead, or some of the wire, to hide the end.

Now your pretty hair stick is ready to wear, or to give as a lovely gift.

Happy Crafting!


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