Little Clay Mushrooms

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create some cute little clay mushrooms to use in your crafting–decorate a wreath, make a mobile, use in an arrangement, or even make Christmas ornaments.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To make a mushroom cap, take a small piece of clay, and roll into a ball that is about 1-inch in size.  Gently flatten the ball against your work surface to create a rounded topped disc shape.  Dip your fingers in water to help smooth the edges, and top.

Turn your mushroom cap over, and use the blunt, rounded tip of your table knife to draw lines across the bottom of your clay disc.  Dip the tip in water to help create smooth lines.

Use the blunt end of a paintbrush to create a small depression in the center of of the lines.  Make the holes about the width of a pencil.

Take another bit of clay, and roll a long, skinny rope of clay.  Use a little water on your fingers to smooth both ends of the rope to form the ends of the mushroom stem.  Make sure your stem will fit into the hole that you made in the cap.

Try creating a more bell-like mushroom cap by rolling an egg shape out of clay, and then flatten the bottom of the egg.  use your finger, or even the end of a paintbrush to poke a hole into the middle of the flat end, and then enlarge the hole, pinching the sides outward to thin them, and create a bell-like shape.

Use your needle-nosed pliers to bend a tiny “U” shape into the end of the wire.

Cut the “U” from the wire, and then push into the top of a mushroom cap.

Let your mushroom caps, and stems dry thoroughly before painting.  Turn them over a couple of times while drying to help them dry evenly.  Mine took overnight.  Use your watercolor paints to paint your mushrooms.

Paint all of your mushroom caps, and stems as you desire.  I decided to only paint the tops of my mushroom caps, and to leave the bottoms, and stems white.  Let dry thoroughly.

Place a dab of your adhesive on the end of your mushroom stem.  Insert the stem into the mushroom cap.  Use small pieces of paper napkin, to help hold the stem in place until it is dry, as needed.  Let dry.

Cut lengths of twine, and feed them through the wire loops in the stems.  Tie the ends into a hanging loop.

Now use your cute little mushrooms in your craft projects!

Happy Crafting!

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