Beaded Stacking Bracelets

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create some colorful, and fun bracelets to accessorize your summer wardrobe.  Write you name, inspiration words, or short sayings on each bracelet–wear one bracelet at a time, or in a statement making stack.  This is a fun project for kids, and adults alike, and would make a great gift!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a length of beading cord about 5 inches longer than the width of your wrist–leaving yourself plenty of extra cord to tie off the bracelet is MUCH easier than struggling to tie short ends of your cord without dropping them, and having all of your beads fall off.  Err on the side of having too long of a cord.  Tape one end of the cord down to the table to help you keep from having your beads slide off of the end.

Choose your letters to spell your word/phrase, and set them aside.

Begin stringing your bracelet.  Periodically check your length for fit.

To tie off your bracelet, first tie the ends off in a simple knot (like you’re tying your shoelaces), and pull snug so the beads are all pulled next to each other.  Then tie another simple knot, but this time, pass one end through the knot again to form a double knot.  Pull tight.  Make 2, or 3 more double knots on top of this first double knot.  Before you trim the long tail ends of your knot, paint the knot with clear nail polish, and let it dry thoroughly.  Now trim the long tail ends short, and carefully slide the knot into the hole of one of the beads next to it to hide.

Happy Crafting!

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