Pom-Pom Rainbow

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a cute colorful rainbow wall hanging while using up your scrap yarn, with this simple tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, select 5 different yarn colors with which to make your pom-poms.  I used my 1.5-inch pom-pom maker to create mine.  Wrap your pom-pom maker as directed in the instructions.

Tie and cut your pom-pom.

Use your scissors to trim, and shape your pom-pom, as needed.  Make 4 more pom-poms.

Lay your pom-poms in a row, so they’re all butted right up against one another.  Measure out a length of wire the same length, and then add about 3-inches more.  Cut.  Use your needle-nosed pliers to bend ONE end into a loop, wrapping the tail around the wire to secure.

Thread your pom-poms onto the wire using the end opposite the one that you formed the loop.  Thread the pom-poms all the way to the end, pulling the first one down to hide the loop.

Thread all the pom-poms tightly against each other.  Bend the wire into an arc, and bend the open end into a loop like you did the other end.

Cut 4 piece of macrame cord that are about a foot long.  Holding 2 of the pieces together, fold them in half.  Thread the looped ends through the loop you created in the wire.

Tuck the ends of the macrame cord up through the looped end you threaded through the wire, and pull the ends to tighten the knot onto the wire loop.

Twist the tails of the cord in the opposite direction that they’re made to unravel them.

Cut another piece of macrame cord that is about 6-inches long, and unravel it.  Use one of the thinner strands that you unravelled to tie around the tails of the tassle you created, up against the knot.  Let the ends dangle with the rest of the ends.  This will just help secure the slip-knot onto the wire loop.

Cut a length of twine, and tie each end onto the top arc of the wire, between the pom-poms, to create a hanger.

Happy Crafting!

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