Pretty Paper Koi

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create some pretty paper Koi fish with this simple project!

Here’s what you need to make your own:

To begin, divide your paper into 1/2-inch strips.  Cut with your knife.  You need 10 strips per fish.

Use your ruler to measure and cut one strip to 6 inches long–this will be your middle ring.

Lay your other strips out on both sides of the middle ring–4 on one side, 5 on the other.  Cut the last strip on the left side to be 3 inches in length–this will be your tail.  Cut the strip on the far other side to 3.5 inches in length–this will be your mouth.  Starting at the strip to the left of the middle, cut that strip so it is roughly 1/2-inch smaller than the middle ring.  Repeat the process with the next 2 strips on that side.  Then repeat the process with the strips to the right of the middle.  This doesn’t have to be exact, just eyeball it.  We’re just looking for the strips to look like stairsteps down both sides from the middle strip, when they’re all lined up even along their bottom edges.

Turn your strips so the patterened side is facing down.  Making sure your strips are all lined up evenly along one end, space them about 1/2-inch apart from each other.  Cut 2 pieces of twine that are about 15-inches long.  Take your first piece of twine, and lay it across the lined up edges, about 1/4-inch from the ends of the strips.  Leave an inch of twine hanging past your tail end strip, and the rest of the excess twine up above your mouth strip.  Use small pieces of tape to attach the twine to the strips.

Now lay your second piece of twine so it runs across the very middle of each strip–you’ll lay it in a curved shape.  Use tape to secure the twine in place.

Use your gluestick to join the ends of each strip together to form a ring–pattered side goes out.

Cut some side fins, and a tail from your paper.  Use a piece of tape to stick the tail fin to the inch long twine tail you left at the bottom of the fish.  Use gluestick to attach the side fins to 4th ring down from the mouth.

Tie the ends of the twine at the top of the fish together to make a hanger for your fish.  Make a bunch of beautiful koi to decorate your home–these would look pretty hanging on a mobile, dangling from a dresser knob, or attached to the ceiling with a push pin where they could catch the breeze and dance.

Happy Crafting!

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