Faux Fan Coral

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a pretty piece of summery, seashore-inspired decor with this unique technique!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut and arrange your sticks into a fan shape on your parchment paper, and use hot glue to attach them together.  Make sure your stick “trunk” lays flat against the parchment, so the hot glue branches you create will all attach nicely to it.

Use hot glue to create a wider bottom to your stick “trunk.”  Let cool.

Begin creating your fan coral applying hot glue over the top of your entire stick structure to create a more bumpy, interesting texture, and make it look less like sticks.

Begin adding “branches” of hot glue off of your main stick branches.  Try to make your hot glue branches overlap one another, rather than just dangling by themselves, to create an overall webbed look that will add strength.

Continue adding branches in a webbed pattern, leaving short “fingers” of hot glue around the outer edge of the fan coral–short, forked “fingers” will give it a realistic look, without being floppy.   When you’re happy with your coral shape, let it thoroughly cool.  Then carefully peel your fan coral from the parchment paper–I slid my parchment/coral into the freezer for a few minutes to make it easier to peel.

Now paint your coral!  I used spray paint for plastic, but brushing on a couple of coats of acrylic, letting each coat totally dry in-between works just as well.

Now display your fancy faux fan coral and think of summer!

Happy Crafting!

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