Toy Car Painting – Preschool Activity

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By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Painting with toy cars

Painting with toy cars is a fun way to get preschoolers engaged in art. It is easy to set up and uses easy-to-find supplies. Painter’s tape is used to block off parts to the card so that when it is removed you are left with crisp lines that make the abstract painting look super professional.

Whether you make a card, a journal, or just a painting, this craft is sure to get little ones creating and leave you with a nice piece of abstract art.


Supplies to make a toy car painting

  • Toy cars
  • Card
  • Paint
  • Paint trays (I used styrofoam trays but any shallow dish will work)
  • Cardboard 
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors


Use painter’s tape to attach the card to the cardboard. I like to add a rectangle on the front of the card so that there will be a white space that I can write in. The cardboard and painter’s tape will ensure the inside of the card stays clean and there will be a nice even border around the edges.

To prevent the painter’s tape from tearing the paper I dab it on my pant leg a few times. This takes away enough of the stickiness to help it easily be removed while still sticking well enough to block off the paint.

Add some paint to the trays and roll the cars through the paint. Roll the car across the card to paint on colorful lines.

Carefully remove the tape. It is important not to wait too long. If the tape is left on for days it is more likely to tear the paper.

Once dry, fold the card. You can write any special message you want on the front of the card.

The painting also makes a cute journal.

Even when made into a little book, it can fit easily in an envelope and mailed to family and friends.

Here are some other toy car paintings made by me and my kids.

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  1. Donnalynn Lawton

    The show I would watch reruns of is “Touched By an Angel” I love Della Reese and the way she talks directly to you.

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