Sweet Treat Popsicle Wreath

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Plug in the glue gun, and create a sweet wreath to welcome the summer season to your home!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

This wreath is made up of single, double, and Bomb-Pop popsicles.  To create single popsicles  Cut a long, skinny rectange, and round one end.  Glue a popsicle stick down the middle–the stick will be sandwiched between the layers of felt.

Cover the surface of the felt popsicle that’s facing you, and the part of the stick that’s glued on top of the felt, with hot glue.  Flip the glued surface over, and stick it down to the same color of felt that you used for the popsicle.  **When you flip it over to glue it down, line the the bottom of the popsicle up with a flat edge of the piece of felt to simplify the trimming you’ll do in the next step, as you won’t have to trim around the stick.**  Press to stick the surfaces together, pressing along the sandwiched part of the stick to make sure it’s attached good and tight.  Let cool.

Now take your scissors and cut around the popsicle shape from your first side.  Single popsicle, done!

To create a double popsicle, fold one edge of your felt over to create a skinny rectangle that’s the width of a single popsicle.  Cut up along the non-folded edge as tall as you wish your popsicle to be, and then cut across the top, through both layers of felt, and create a rounded top to your popsicle.

Open your folded felt, and you’ll now have a double popsicle.  Trim the curves at the top, as needed, if you want more of a dip between the two sides.

Glue sticks onto the popsicle.  Add hot glue, like you did for the single popsicle.

(Pop 9)

Flip the glued surface over, and attach it to a piece of felt the same color.  Line up that flat bottom edge of the popsicle with a flat edge of your felt to make your trimming easier.

Use your scissors to cut out your double popsicle.

To create a Bomb-Pop, cut a long, skinny rectangle from white felt.    Cut a curved taper into both sides of the top.

Attach a stick to the middle.  Apply hot glue to only the top third of the popsicle.

Make sure you have a piece of red felt with a straight edge.  Flip the popsicle over onto red felt, using the straight edge as the bottom of your red section.  Press to adhere, and let cool.

Use your scissors to trim around the popsicle.

Cut a strip of blue felt the width that you want your bottom blue stripe to be.  Use hot glue to attach it to the bottom of your popsicle, lining up the bottom edges.

Either trim the excess blue felt, or tuck the ends behind and attach with glue.

Add hot glue all over the back of the Bomb-Pop, and attach to a piece of white felt.  Press to attach, let cool.

Trim around the Bomb-Pop.

Make a whole bunch of popsicles.  You can kind of hold them up to the wreath, and judge how many you’re going to need to make.  I made 5 double popsicles, 9 single ones, and one Bomb-Pop.

Now start attaching them to your wreath with hot glue.  When you attach the popsicles, try to do so in a way that the wooden sticks all stick out at the same length, as it will give you a more uniform look.

Overlap each popsicle slightly with the next.  I attached my Bomb-Pop last, so it wouldn’t be covered up at all, and would act as an accent.

Cut a length of ribbon to use as a hanger, and attach the ends to the back of the wreath.  I tied a knot in the middle of my ribbon before attaching it, you could also make a bow.

Happy Sweet Summer Crafting!

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