Wrapped Yarn Keychain

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a fun accessory while using up scrap yarn from your yarn stash.  Use for keys, or attach to a backpack, or bag as a colorful accent.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a length of cotton cord that is a little over double in length of how tall you want your final keychain to be.  I wanted a keyring that was about 4-inches long, so I cut my cord 8.5-inches long.

Wrap the ends of the cord with tape to keep them from unravelling.

Form your cord into an upside down “U” shape, with the ends facing you.  This key ring is made up of a yarn wrapped portion, and an unwrapped portion that will create the tassle.  Look at your upside down “U” shape, and decide how much of it you want to be unwrapped to create your tassle–You’ll only be wrapping the middle length of your cord, leaving a couple inches unwrapped at each end to create teh tassle.  Mark with tape on each leg of the “U” to remind you where to stop wrapping, if needed.

Take your first color of yarn, and tie the end onto your thick cord using a simple square-knot–remember to attach the yarn a few inches from the end of your cord, not right at the end, so  you leave the ends unwrapped.  You will now have a short tail, and a working yarn.  Position the short tail so it sits along the cord where you’ll be wrapping–you’ll make your wraps over the tail to hide it.

Now begin wrapping your working yarn around the cord, snugging each wrap tightly against the previous wrap.  You only want one layer of yarn, so don’t make the wraps on top of one another, just right up next to each other.

When you’re finished with that color, loosly wrap around one more time, and tuck the tail through that loop.

Pull the yarn tight to secure.

Cut the yarn, leaving a 1/2-inch tail, and once again position the tail up against the cord above so you can cover it with your next color.  Tie the next color onto the cord, over the tail of the first color, making sure it’s snug against the first color.

Continue wrapping, adding as many colors as you wish.  Remember to stop wrapping when you get within a couple of inches of end–leave equal amounts of unwrapped cord on both ends.  Tie off the last color like always, but then cut the working yarn, and tie the tails together with a square-knot to finish.  Trim the tails to about 1/2-inch, and pull toward the unwrapped cord.

Thread a ring onto the wrapped cord, and pull to the middle.

Pull the legs of the “U” together, lining up the beginning, and end of your wraps (Wrap over those little tails you left with your last color to hide them), and tie them together.

Wrap tightly several times, and then tie off and trim the ends.

Take the tape off the ends.

Now, unravel the ends of the cords to create a tassle.  Twist the cords in the opposite direction that they’re made, and they’ll start to unravel.  Use your fingers, and even a plastic comb to help separate the strands.

Use your scissors to trim the tassle so it’s even.

Happy Crafting!

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