Moon Phases Wall Hanging

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a pretty Boho wall hanging with this simple tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin take a tennis-ball sized chunk of clay, flatten it with your hands a bit to warm and soften it, and then roll it out to about a 1/4-inch thickness.

For all of the moon phases, you will only need to cut 4 circles.

Set one circle aside to be your full moon.  Take 2 circles, and using your circle cutter, cut a thin crescent moon from the edge of two of your circles.  Now you will have 2 crescent moons (Waxing and waning crescent phases), and two not quite full moons (Waxing and waning gibbous phases).

Take your last circle, and cut it half.  (First and last quarter moon phases).  Cut a star for the end, if you so desire.

Poke one hole in the middle of each crescent moon, and also in the top of the star, if you chose to make one.  Poke two in the remaining moons.  Place on a flat surface to dry, flipping a few times so they dry flat.  Mine took over night.

Lay your moon phases out in order:  Crescent, gibbous, half, full, half, gibbous, crescent, star.  Figure out your spacing, and then cut a length of jute about 6-inches longer than that.  Run one end of the jute through the hole on your first crescent, and pull it to the other end, leaving a long enough tail at the top that you’ll be able to wrap and tie it around your stick to hang it.  With the crescent in a “u” shape toward the top, wrap the jute around it once, and thread the jute through the bottom of the wrapped loop, so the jute is hanging off the bottom of the moon, and pull tight to secure.

Now begin threading the other moons in order onto your jute.  Wrap the second crescent the same as the first, but with the “u” shape of the crescent facing down this time.

Attach the star to the end.

Wrap the jute you left at the top around the middle of the stick, and tie it off.  Cut another length of jute and tie each end to opposite ends of the stick to create a hanger.

Happy Crafting!

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