Hanging Plant Holder

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a natural looking, double-decker plant hanger to display your favorite little plants using this simple tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, drill three holes, evenly spaced, around the edge of one of your wood rounds.  Lay that wood round on top of the second round, poking your pencil through each hole to make a mark on the round beneath.  We want the holes to be spaced exactly the same.  Drill holes in the places that you marked.  Make a mark on both slices that you can line up when we thread the slices onto the cord, so the holes are lined up exactly like you transfered them (Since we didn’t use the ruler to measure the distance between holes exactly).

Cut three pieces of cotton cord that are each five feet long.

Thread your first piece of cord through one of the holes.  Tie a double knot in the end, on the backside of the wood slice.

Thread and knot the other two pieces of cord through the remaining two holes.

Figure out how high up the cord you want your next level.  Tie a double knot at that level.  Use your ruler to help you tie knots in the other two cords at exactly the same length up the cord.

Thread the wood slice onto the cords, being sure the holes mirror the holes in the slice below.

Pick up your holder by the three cords, resting the bottom slice on a flat surface.  Level the wood slices by pushing and pulling on the cords and knots.  When they’re level, carefully pinch the cords together (leaving however much distance you want above the top wood slice), and tie the cords together into a single knot.

To create the macrame twist, separate the three cords above the knot like you’re going to braid them.  Take the left cord, and pull the end of it over the middle cord, leaving a big loop on the left side.

Take the right cord, pass it under the middle cord, and take the end of it up though the loop you created on the left.  Take the tail of the left cord through the loop you made with the right cord.

Pull the tails of the cords to create a knot.  Slide the knot firmly against the three ply knot.  Repeat this knot, exactly the same way, over and over to create a spiral of knots around the middle cord.

When you have made as many spiral knots as you wish, or are nearing the end of your two outer cords, wrap the ends around and make a wrapped knot, or simply tie off the ends, and cut off the excess.  Tie a loop in the end of the remaining middle cord, and use it to hang your plant hanger.

This is the perfect plant hanger for little pots of succulents, or can be adapted and made to fit larger houseplants by using much larger wood slices.

Happy Crafting!

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