5 Fun DIY Planters From The Think Crafts Archives

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By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. They come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that can be arranged to make them look even more perfect. But of course, the plant itself is only part of the beauty. The pot they are planted in can make or break the look. Here are 5 DIY planters to give your houseplants that extra something to get them to really pop.

Key Hook Planter

Whether you have limited space in your home or just too many houseplants, many of us need to find space-saving ideas of where to place our plants. This key hook planter lets you add a plant out of the way and helps you keep track of your keys at the same time. Plus the minimalist design will add to any decor.

Air Plant Whale

Air plants are an amazing addition to any house plant lovers’ collection. They need no dirt allowing for so many awesome planter ideas. This little whale is a great way to get artistic and display your air plants in a small nook around the house.

Carved Balsa Wood Planter

This project is a great beginner’s woodworking project. Since it is made with thin sheets balsa wood it can be cut with a craft knife instead of a saw, allowing crafters and even older kids to make these. Plus they look super cute and are the perfect size for a small house plant.

Cast Plaster Mask Planters

These planters are very eye-catching and look super hard to make but the secret is in using a plastic Halloween mask to make the “carved” face. This is a fun project family-friendly project that adds a lot of personality to your potted plants.

Foam Block House Planters

These planters have a folky DIY vibe that would look great on any window still. They work best for succulents, cactuses, and other plants that don’t mind a swallow, drier pot. They are easy to make and make great gifts.

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