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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Pompoms are easy to make, super cute and make a great gift. With a pompom maker kit and some stash yarn you can quickly make a pompom banner. Make one in your favorite colors to brighten up a room or follow my lead and make one as a child’s birthday present.

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I made a banner for a friend’s child. She loves pink so I used some acrylic stash yarn in light pink and white.

Wrap yarn around pompom makers using this tutorial. (Link: Earlier I turned in a tutorial for the pompom maker kit. Please insert that link here.) Make the pompom ties 12” long.

You can make as many pompoms as you like. I wanted a long banner so made five pompoms with each sized pompom maker for a total of twenty.

To make the banner, use a crochet hook sized for chosen yarn. Make a chain as long as you like. To help decide your length, lay out your pompoms along to the chain. I made my chain 280” (23 feet) so it would be super long.

After you reach desired length, single crochet back along the chain until the end. Bind off.

Lay out your crocheted strand and arrange your pompoms in desired order. I arranged mine by size.

With a darning needle, sew on the ends of the pompom onto the strand.

I tied on my pompoms so they would dangle on 4” of yarn. Weave in ends.

Fold over ends of strand to make loops for hanging. Sew into place with darning needle. Weave in ends.

If you’re keeping the banner, hang it up and admire your work. If making as a gift, wrap around a piece of cardboard to prevent tangles. Tape one end down first, wrap banner around the cardboard, layering each strand on top of the previous one. Tape the second end down and make a note to unwrap that end first.

Craft on!

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