Map Mountains Canvas

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Recycle old maps to create a pretty landscape collage for your wall.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To create this collage, look through your maps and look for blocks of different colors from which to cut your mountains.  Another way to add interest to your project, is to cut your mountains out of maps of places that are significant to you:  places you’ve lived, traveled to, vacationed at, etc..

To begin, decide how big you want your biggest mountain to be, and use your ruler and pencil to draw the mountain triangle onto one of your map pieces.  This will be your pattern for all of your other mountain pieces–they will be different heights,  but will have the same angle at the top point.  Cut out

Using your first mountain as a pattern, trace other triangle shapes of varying heights onto your maps.  Cut out.

Line up your mountains in a pleasing pattern of heights.  Don’t worry about the bottom edge yet, just the tops.

When you’re happy with the top heights, trim all of the bottom edges so they are all even.

Figure out where you want the bottom edges of your mountains to sit on the canvas, measure up from the bottom, and draw a light pencil line across the canvas.  Arrange your mountain pieces along your pencil line.

Now, look at where your front mountains overlap the mountains behind them.  Use your pencil to carefully trace along all lines where the mountains overlap one another.

Use your ruler to trace 1/8 of an inch to the INSIDE of these pencil lines, and cut along those lines to create the gaps between each piece.

Reassemble your mountains, and trim any gaps that need more room.

Use your paintbrush, and some Elmer’s Glue to stick your map pieces onto the canvas.

Cut a moon, and stars from your map paper.  I suggest tracing around a small round object, like a glass, to get a perfect circle for your moon, then offsetting it slightly and tracing again to create a perfect crescent shape.  I drew a pattern to trace to make all of my stars uniform in size.  Attach to the canvas with Elmer’s Glue.

Seal your canvas with Mod Podge, if desired.  Let dry.

Happy Crafting!

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