Floss Feather Earrings

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make some pretty Boho earrings for summer with this simple project.  Make for yourself, or as a pretty gift to give!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut 25 pieces of your embroidery floss, that are 4 inches long.  I wrap my floss around my fingers a bunch of times, spreading my fingers about 2-inches apart, so when I slide the loops off of my fingers, and make a cut, the single pieces are about my needed 4-inch long length.

To begin, take 1 piece of floss, fold it in half, and tape the tip of the folded end to your work surface.

Take two pieces of floss, folded in half.  Tuck the looped end of one piece UNDER the piece of floss you have taped to the work surface.

Take the second piece of floss and tuck the free ends through the looped end of the first piece.  Take the ends of the first pieces of floss, and pull them up through the looped end of the second piece of floss.

Pull the free ends tight to knot onto the vertical piece of floss.  Slide the knot up to the top near the tape.

Continue adding pairs of floss strands as descirbed above, bunching the knots right up against one another.

Add 12 pairs of floss strands

Add a dot of super glue to the top, and bottom knot to keep them from sliding.  Brush the strands downward, and in towards the center with your comb.

Use your scissors to roughly cut a the rounded edge of your feather, narrowing down to the bottom point.

Press the feather with your iron to flatten.

Spray with fabric stiffener, let dry, and then make your final trims.

Flatten the loop on the top of your feather, and slide a bead over so it rests on top of your feather.  Use your pliers to open the ring on your earring wire, and insert it through the floss loop at the top of your feather.

Close the loop, and your beautiful Boho-style earrings are finished!

Happy Crafting!

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