Sloth in a Hoop

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a super cute sloth hanging from a wooden hoop–Turn the hoop into a dreamcatcher, add flowers to create a wreath, or simply hang up as is.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To create this sloth, we’ll be wrapping yarn, and forming 3 different bundles–body, arms, and legs.  To create the body/head bundle:  Find a hardback book, or folded over piece of cardboard that you can wrap yarn onto that is about 10-inches in length.  Wrap yarn tightly around (but not so tight you’re stretching the yarn and won’t be able to slide the loops off when you’re done), and around, and around, until the side of the yarn bundle facing you is about 3-inches wide, and a good 1.5-inches tall.  Remember, you’re only seeing half of the thickness–when we slide the yarn loops off and bundle them together, it will be twice as thick.  Bear this in mind as you’re wrapping so you can judge how thick you’re making your sloth’s body.

Cut a piece of yarn about 6-inches long, and pass one end under the wrapped yarn on the side facing you, and pull it up to the end of the wraps.  Tie it in a knot, wrap around again, and tie in another couple of knots.  Repeat on the other end of the wraps.  Carefully slide the now tied wraps off of the book/cardboard.  This is your body bundle of yarn.  It may look like a floppy mess, but bear with me–hold each end, and pull gently to un-twist, and straighten the bundle so it has a neat sausage-like shape.

To create the head, take another 6-inch piece of yarn, and  tie around your body bundle about 3-inches from one end.  Wrap and tie a couple of times to secure.  You now have a little round head on your body.  Set aside.

Now we’re going to make the arms and legs.  The arms will be one long bundle, and the legs will be one long bundle.  Find a hardback book, or folded over piece of cardboard that’s about 14-inches long.  Wrap yarn until you have a bundle that is about 1.5-inches wide, by 1-inch tall on one side of your wrapped object.

This time carefully slide off the loops without tying them off first.  Smooth, and pull the loops as you did with the body to form a neat sausage shape.  Then, use a short piece of yarn to tie around  one end of the bundle, about an inch from the end, to form a paw.  Repeat on the other end.  Take another short length, and tie right in the middle of the bundle.  Now you have arm.  Repeat this process a second time to create the legs.

To insert the arms into the body:  Use your fingers to seperate the yarn strands in the side of the body until you can see clear through the body.  Insert the arm bundle through the hole you created, pulling until the arms are centered on either side of the body.  Hold both paws together, so they’re sandwiching the body between them now, and pull the arms up toward the head.

Take another small length of yarn, and while holding the arms together, angle them towards the head, and tie the length of yarn in the sloth’s “armpit” region, around the body to help hold everything in place, and further form the body.

Repeat the above process to add the legs to the back of the body.

Take small lengths of yarn, and tie around the middle of each arm, and leg to form elbow and knee joints.

Trim, or tuck extra yarn tails into the interior to hide them.  Sloth body done!

Cut an oval of contrasting felt for your sloth’s face.

Cut two comma shapes for eye stripes, and a rounded triangle for the muzzle.

Cut a little oval nose, a smile, and two round eyes from black felt.  Stick the face together with hot glue.

I decided my sloth needed reflections in his eyes, so I added a dot of white paint in each eye.

Attach the face to the head with hot glue.

Attach your sloth to your wooden hoop using hot glue.  Now decorate your sloth’s hoop!  I’m adding feathers dangling off of the bottom of mine like a dreamcatcher, and maybe some felt flowers.  How could you decorate yours?

Happy Crafting!

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