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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Pompoms are super cute and make a great accessory. You can add them to hats, make curtain ties, earring and more. Yarn comes in so many colors and textures that the type of pompom you can make seems endless. With this pompom maker kit, you’ll be able to make four different sized pompoms.

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This pompom maker kit will make four different sized pompoms: 1 ⅜ inch (35mm), 1 ⅝ inch (45mm), 2 ½ inch (65mm) and 3 ⅜ inch (85mm). This tutorial uses the 1 ⅝ inch (45mm) one. I used some yarn from my stash.

Open both sets of arms on your maker.

Start wrapping your yarn around one set of arms.

Be sure not to wrap any yarn over the ends of the arms.

Wrap fully around the arms. If you have wrapped too tightly the arms will not slide back into the slot.

Slide arms back into slot and drape yarn over to the other set of arms to begin wrapping. Wrap both sets of arms the same thickness.

When finished with the second set, fold arms back in. You are now ready to cut apart your pompom.

Slide scissors underneath the yarn and cut along the center groove made by the arms. Since the space is small, pointy scissors work best for this step.

After cutting one side, you will cut the yarn on the other side. The maker stays closed so the loose yarn is held in place.

Cut off a strand of yarn to desired length. Wrap it through the center groove and knot into place on the other side of the maker. The binding yarn and knot will disappear underneath the center groove.

Slowly open the arm sets. If you have missed cutting any yarn the arms won’t open.

Gently pull the maker apart.

You now have a completed pompom.

Some pompoms may need a little trimming.

Using a variety of yarn colors will give you different results. Try wrapping one set of arms in one color and the other set with a different yarn.

This makes a two color pompom.

The arms have small ridges to let you add multiple colors.

Wrap contrasting colors to make your pompom striped.

You can make a variety of pompoms by using different yarns.

Another option is to wrap two yarns together at the same time.

This will make a variegated pompom.

A skein of variegated yarn will make different color variegated pompoms depending on which sized maker you use.

Now you can make as many colorful pompoms as you like.

Craft on!

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