Feather & Doodles Mothers Day Card

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By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Nothing says “I love you, mom” like a handmade mothers day card. These unique cards mix the whimsical look of colored feathers with the fun earthy look of doodles on kraft paper.

This is a project that lets kids explore hand-lettering, doodling, and playing with feathers and glue. All easy fun techniques that give kids lots of room to explore their creativity.



Use the marker to write mom or other message on the front of the card. If you need lettering inspiration check out DaFont.com for some ideas. I like to use a pencil and trace my words with a marker so that I know they are where I want them to be.

Get the feathers ready by brushing them straight with your fingers and removing any loose pieces. They will likely be a bit messy looking from being in a bag.

Apply a thin even layer of glue all over the card.

Gently press feathers into glue. You want to try to get any air bubbles out from under the feathers and have them pressed flat against the glue.

Carefully apply a thick layer of glue on top of the feathers. Be mindful of brushing in the direction that you want the feathers to lie in since the feathers will move with the glue. I find it fun to add a bit of swirl to the feathers using the paintbrush and glue.

After the card dries check if the feathers are secure. If the feathers are not fully secured to the paper apply a second layer of glue and let dry.

After the card dries trim any feathers that hang over edges.

Apply a thin even coat of glue to the back of the card with feathers and place it on the kraft card. Make sure there is no glue seeping out the sides then place it under a heavy book to dry.

Add some decorative doodles to frame the feather card.

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