Upcycled T-shirt Bunting Banner

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By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Bunting banners are a cute way to decorate for a party. These upcycled bunting banners are easy to make using unwanted t-shirts and tools you probably already have. Add some color to your upcoming party in minutes with this fun DIY.

Why T-shirts Make A Great Craft Supply

The secret to why these bunting banners are so much easier than other ones is in the t-shirt. First, the t-shirt jersey does not fray so there is no need to sew the edges. The bottom seam of the t-shirt makes a great pocket for the string to go through, so again no need to sew that. And last, the t-shirt can be made into the string by cutting a thin strip and stretching it so the supply list is super simple.

Unwanted t-shirts are easy to come by, come in lots of great colors, and can be tie-dyed to make them extra fun or to cover stains.



Cut the bottom 6 inches or so of the t-shirt off. Make it longer or shorter depending on how long you want the triangles to be.

Cut along one of the seams so that you are left with a long rectangle.

Cut approximately a 1-inch strip along the edge you just cut off. Cut the loop at one of the seams and pull the cord to make it curl. You now have a strip of t-shirt yarn that will later be used to hang the bunting banner. Put this aside for later.

Cut an isosceles triangle with your cardboard that will be used as a stencil. You want the height of the triangle to be about 6 inches and the width to be about 4 inched. This can be adjusted to better fit your style or t-shirt size.

Find the end that has the bottom seam. Notice that this seam forms a pocket that will be used to draw the t-shirt yarn hanger through. Make sure that this is the top of the bunting banner.

Lay your t-shirt on your cutting mat and use the rotary tool to follow along the edges of the stencil to form the triangles of the bunting banner. A rotary tool can cut a few layers at a time so you can fold your fabric and cut a few triangles at once. Be careful not to cut the seam for the loop at the top of the bunting banner.

Pin your safety pin to one end of the t-shirt yarn and insert it into the loop of your bunting banner. You will be able to draw the yarn through the loop by scrunching the fabric onto the pin and then pulling it along while holding the pin. Continue this process inching through the loop until you get to the other end.

If your t-shirt is stained like mine, you can tie-dye it to cover that up. If not then it is time to decorate with your upcycled party decorations!


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  1. Dianne

    I stepped on a nail when I was young that pierced the shoe I was wearing. Ouch!

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