Bunny Buns Hoop

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Get a “hop” on your Spring crafting with this cute project!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, take apart your embroidery hoop, and stretch your fabric onto the hoop.  Trim excess fabric so you have a border that’s a little over an inch wide.

Tuck excess fabric around to the back of the hoop, and use hot glue to attach it to the inside of the hoop.

Wind some wool roving into a ball for the tail–roll between your hands to help it keep shape.  Roll two smaller pieces into balls for bigger foot pads.  Set aside for later.

Use your pencil to draw one ear, and one oval-shaped foot onto the cardboard.  Cut them out using your utility knife, and then use the cut out shapes to trace the shape onto the cardboard.  Cut out these pieces so you have two identical ears, and feet.

Use hot glue to attach rope around the edge of both the feet, and ears.

Glue the ears onto the back of the hoop, on either side of the metal screw tightener on the hoop, so the rope is facing the front.

Turn the hoop over.  Cut two small rectangles of cardboard, fold them in half to make them thicker.  Glue the cardboard pieces between the ears, and fabric to help hold the ears more securely to the hoop.

Glue the feet onto the front of the hoop, as shown in the photo, so they touch at the tops.

Glue 3 buttons onto the ends of the feet to create toe pads.

Glue the smaller wool roving balls onto the feet to create the bigger foot pads on each foot.

Use hot glue to attach the tail onto the fabric, so it also covers the top of the feet.

To finish, tie a bunch of raffia through the loop created by the metal screw tightener between the bunny ears.

Happy Spring Crafting!

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