Shark Bunting

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a festive shark bunting for your favorite shark lover, to decorate for a birthday party, for your classroom, or just because it’s cute!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, fold a sheet of felt in half, and cut a piece of paper so it’s the same size as the half-sized felt rectangle.  Make 3 pieces of paper this size to use to create your patterns.

To create the shark tooth pennant, fold one of your paper rectangles in half the long way.  Use your pencil to draw half of a shark tooth shape starting and ending at the fold: a rounded bump at the top, and then a curved triangle down to a point at the bottom.  Cut out.

For the shark pennant, fold the second rectangle of paper and fold it in half the long way.  Start at the outer top corner (opposite the fold), and draw a long curve down to to the bottom inside corner on the fold.  You’re making a curved triangle–like a “U” that ends in a point.  Cut out.

For the triangle pennant, take the last piece of paper, and fold it in half the long way.  For this pennant, simply draw a line from the top outside corner (opposite the fold), to the bottom inside corner that’s on the fold.  Cut out.

See photo above for reference.

Open your paper patterns up, and use the pencil to lightly trace the patterns onto your felt.  The Shark pennant onto the grey felt, the tooth onto the white, and the triangle onto the red, turquoise, and light blue.

To cut out the shark tooth, use regular scissors to cut out the bump on the top, and then your pinking shears to cut out the triangular tooth part so your shark tooth has a serrated edge, like a real shark tooth.

Once you’ve cut out your grey shark pennants, fold the pattern piece in half again, and cut out a tall rounded mouth piece from the middle of the shark head.

Trace this piece onto your red felt, and cut out to create the shark’s mouth.  Hot glue in place.

Cut a row of zig-zags along one long edge of your white felt.  These will be your teeth.

Hot glue around the edge of the mouth.

Cut two narrow oval shapes from your black felt, and glue onto both sides of the shark’s head for eyes.

Cut a length of ribbon, and begin gluing your pennants along the ribbon.

Happy Crafting!

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