Easter Egg Macrame

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By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Here is an egg craft for anyone looking for a new way to decorate eggs for Easter. Create interesting hangable egg art using hemp cord and a blown-out egg.

I consider this project intermediate level not because of any complicated knots, as it uses only square knots, but because the egg tends to be a difficult base to work with. It is so light, small, and round that it is hard to secure the egg while making the knots. By holding the egg in my lap as I knotted and using some tape to hold the finished knots in place I was able to overcome most of these difficulties, but I do recommend a complete beginner practice square knots with some simpler macrame projects first.

How To Blow Out Eggs

This craft should be done with an empty egg. Blowing eggs is very easy. Just create a small hole at the top of the egg and a slightly bigger hole at the bottom using a thumbtack. Use your mouth placed over the smaller hole to blow out the insides. Rinse the inside of the egg thoroughly and sanitize. Let it dry before you begin your craft. 


  • Egg
  • Hemp cord
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Piece of cardboard


Cut 6 cords about 3 feet long. Find middle and tape one inch above middle point on cardboard with the longer end towards you.

Using square knots knot all 6 cords until you have about 1 1/2 inches knotted. 

Untape and fold in half to make a loop. Make a square knot on both sides to secure the loop.

Split cords into three groups of four cords being carefully to group them so that the cords will lie flat. Make square knots with each group of cords until you have about 3/4 inch of knots. Try to evenly space them around the loop.

Tape each group onto the egg making sure the loop sits flush against the centre of the egg.


Take two cords from each adjacent knots and join them with a square knot in the middle. Support the egg in your lap to keep it steady. Be careful to grab the cords that naturally fall on that side and be thoughtful about which cords will be at the centre of the square knot and which will be at the outside in order to get a flat nice knot. Do the same all around the egg until you have three knots. Tape down the knots you just made.

Repeat the step above adding a second row of knots in the middle of the ones above. Be mindful to line these up with the knots above. 

Continue making square knots directly below the ones you just made until they are long enough to meet at the bottom centre point of the egg.

Group the cords so you have two cords from the adjacent knots and make a square knot. Do this two more times connecting all the cords at the bottom of the egg.

Trim the cords and your egg is ready to hang.

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