Spring Carrots & Pea Pods

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make some cute spring veggies to display with your spring bunny decor, or just set in a bowl or basket for a cute farmhouse decoration.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, pull all of the clothespins apart, removing the metal springs.  Discard the springs, or save for another use.

Paint the wooden clothespin pieces either orange, or green–2 pieces for each.  Let dry.

For the carrots, cut half a dozen or so lengths of yarn for each carrot top, and bunch them together so all the ends on one end of the bunch are even.

Glue the even ends of the yarn bunch onto the flat side of the rounded end of one of the orange pieces.  Glue the second orange piece, flat side in, against the piece that you glued the yarn pieces onto–the two orange pieces will sandwich the yarn between them.

Wrap the base of the carrot tops, and the top of the carrot with another length of green yarn, glue the ends to secure.

Twist the yarn the opposite way that it is twisted together, and unravel each strand, separating them to create the curly carrot tops.

To create the pea pods, glue a row of tiny green pom poms along one edge of the flat side of a green piece.

Run a line of glue along the back of the green pom poms, and then attach the second green piece at a bit of an angle to cradle the pom poms in between the two pieces to create the pod.

Flip the pea pod over, and glue a length of chenille stem up the open crevice that runs up the back of the pod.  Leave it long on the top.

Coil the long tail of chenille stem that sticks up on the top of the pod into a curly tendril.  Cut a tiny leaf from the green felt, and attach to the tendril.

Happy Crafting!

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