Changable Holiday Gnomes

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a Gnome for all holidays using this super fun kit, and your imagination!  Create your basic gnome, and then change the various hats, and accessories found in the kit to customize your gnome for each holiday as it comes along using Velcro dots.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, open the kit and find the pieces to create your gnome.  For the boy, you’ll need: the body, beard, nose, and two stand pieces.  For the girl, you’ll need: the body, nose, and two stand pieces.

Paint your gnome pieces as desired.  Let dry.

Try placing one of the hats on the head of each gnome to decide where you want to position the noses, and beard.  Once you’re happy with the positions, use tacky glue to attach the noses and beard.  Let dry.

For the boy gnome, cut a small strip of fake fur and use tacky glue to attach under the nose to create a moustache.  Let dry.

For the girl, cut a collar from felt, add buttons.  Add a strip of lace across the bottom of the dress.  Attach with tacky glue, let dry.

Peel the backing off of two Velcro dots, and stick to the gnome’s head.  Stick one dot on one of the hands.

A great way to get the opposite Velcro dot on the hats, or accessories is to peel the backing off the dot, and stick in right side down onto the Velcro dot on the gnome.  Right-sides stuck together, adhesive side is not sticking up.

Take your painted, and fully dry accessory or hat of choice, and press it (right side up) onto the adhesive dot.  Press firmly so the adhesive sticks to the back.   Pull item off, and it will detatch from the Velcro, but leave the dot attached to the back of your item in the correct position.  No trying to figure out where to stick the Velcro dots onto the back of the hat so they line up correctly onto the dots on the head.  Easy peasy!

Paint, and Velcro dot all of your hats and accessories, and enjoy dressing your gnomes up for the holidays!

Happy Crafting!

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2 thoughts on “Changable Holiday Gnomes

  1. Lois Ditto

    How ADORABLE – I have two Grands ages 12 and 9 that I think would just love helping me put these together!
    Thanks Michelle – great guiding hand in your presentation.

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