Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy FRIDAY everyone! I hope you all had a good week. My daughter and I have been having fun coloring every night after school and work, so I wanted to share the fun with one of you. Today I am giving away this Leisure Arts Spring Coloring Book Bundle (and I am going to through in some colored pencils too!)

Make this spring extra special. Hop into the world Easter and get festive with your faith. A variety of designs to decorate, printed on quality perforated paper for easy removal. Relax and enjoy this simple yet intricate form of therapy with this 4 coloring book bundle. Books include: Easter Wonders, Faithful Wonders, Spring Wonders, and Flower Wonders.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: Would you rather have more time to craft or more money to buy supplies?

It’s a hard question this week, but I am leaning towards more time to craft.

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About Kimberly

Kimberly is the Customer Service Manager at CreateForLess, and it is her voice you hear when you call our toll-free number. Her love for crafting started when she asked her mom to make her a quilt...instead her mom signed her up for a class so she could make her own, and she hasn't stopped crafting since!

47 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. GabriellaB

    More money please. Love the give away and that you can share it with friends and family as well

  2. Cindy Sherwood

    More time to craft. I have yarn and knitting needles and crochet hooks, but chores take up valuable crafting time

  3. Rose

    I have plenty of craft supplies for myself. I would love extra money to buy supplies for someone else to get into crafting.

  4. Stephen

    more time, I have collected and sorted 7 large garbage bags of yarn to come up with a storage home

  5. Janet

    I would love more time – I am already planning to live to 500 years old in order to complete everything I want to do. If I could give up sleeping & eating….

  6. Ronnie

    Time. But time to craft without repetitive joint injuries! I get stuck doing the same craft and when my hand or elbow or wrist or shoulder hurts, I move on to another— so can I have new arms and shoulders to go with my time?

  7. Robin

    That is a very hard question! I think we would all like to have more time to craft, however I am going to say MONEY so I can pick out some more supplies, I love buying supplies too!!! Thank you!

  8. Denise Bryant

    This looks like fun! I could use some coloring time while I sit and watch TV in the evening.
    I would like more money to get the supplies I want!

  9. Peggy Urell

    I’d have to say More Money so I can buy a new sewing machine so I can finish learning how to quilt. I have a ton of material all ready to sew and my machine quit.

  10. Betty

    I am obsessed with the desire to try new things, so I need money to purchase the new tools needed. Perhaps I should first purchase a book on time management and study it in order to have the time to to devote to arts and crafts!

  11. Kathy W.

    More money so I can craft more. I love to do the adult coloring. I do it every night which relaxes me. I only have one adult coloring book left so I will be needing some more soon. Not sure how many books I have gone through but ever since the adult coloring was first started that’s when I got hooked.

  12. Brenda Lieswald

    More time but looks like my wish came turn. Lost my job last Friday so now I should have lots of time now.

  13. Marissa M.

    I would definitely want MORE TIME!!!! I could craft with what is in my house and never need to buy anything again except for maybe glue and white paper. 🙂

  14. Andrew Caro

    This last year has felt like nothing but “more time’, and yet so much less seems to have been accomplished, except for the stash growing by leaps and bounds.

    I’m going to bypass curtain #1 (time) and curtain #2 (money) and take curtain #3! Oh goody – it’s just what I need! A huge pile of mojo nestled in a bed of ambition and served on a platter of enthusiasm!

  15. Cynthia M Seyffert

    I would really love more time!!! Seems like everytime I get really going well it is time to fix dinner or do laundry etc. etc. etc.

  16. Kristine Tennessen

    Definitely MORE MONEY please… LOVE to craft n being on disability gives me all the time i want! I love making hundreds of cards for a kids foundation for every holiday….but gets very expensive n shipping out heavy boxes is at a HUGE cost! ENJOY ALL N BLESS YOU….

  17. Janice Sprague

    TIME! I am retired but along with that comes lofty plans but the body doesn’t necessarily go along. So I need extra time on this earth to finish all my started projects and use up all my craft supplies. Gosh, just realized I probably need to live to the age of 150.

  18. Cindy

    I would rather have more time Even though I am retired I still have many other obligations. One of my highest priorities is to exercise so I can remain healthy. Crafting keeps my brain healthy.

  19. Dianne G.

    I would like to have more time to craft. I have lots of supplies and now I just have to learn all the skills I want to have and spend more time using them to craft gifts and things to put smiles on faces. We can all use more of that right now.

  20. Lori Matteson

    More time to craft. I have enough supplies to keep me busy for a long time. I just never have the time to craft.

  21. Debbie Williams

    More time to craft. I have MS which limits my energy. There are many demands on my limited energized hours. I am struggling to get my household better organized which will maximize my time. It’s taking a long time to reach my goal because, at best, I only have a few productive hours per day. I am hanging in there and hopeful that, one day soon, I will have more crafting time.

  22. Linda Bee

    Tough question for me. Part of my fun is gathering supplies. So I need more money to buy the things I need. I am trying all kinds of crafts from sewing, felt and yarn to wood and clay and everything in between. So I also need more time to get things done.

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