Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a sweet Valentine’s Day heart with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, bend your wire into a heart shape in your desired size.  Bend the wire so the ends of the wire end at the top, middle of the heart.

Use your wirecutters to trim the ends of the wire as needed, so they are even.  Bend the ends so they sit flush with each other.

Decide what size you want to make your pom-poms, and choose the corresponding pom-pom maker.  My heart is about 10-inches tall, and I made 2-inch pom-poms.  Wrap your yarn onto your pom-pom maker as directed by the package.  Make sure to wrap them so they’re nice and full.

Cut the yarn to release the edges of the pom-pom and expose the gap.

Wrap a length of yarn around the middle of the pom-pom in the gap, and double knot to hold.

Open the pom-pom maker to release the pom-pom.

Use your scissors to trim the pom-pom into a nice, round shape.

Thread your first pom-pom onto the wire, and pull down to the bottom point.  Continue to make, and thread pom-poms onto the wire.

Cover your heart with the same amount of pom-poms on each side until you get to the top center.

Hold the two ends of the wire together, and thread the last pom-pom over the two wires, creating the center point of the heart.  Use hot glue to secure the pom-pom in place covering the wires.

Cut a length of ribbon, and fold it in half.  Use hot glue to attach the bottom loop to the backside of the heart, tying the top ends into a simple bow.   Use the loop under the bow as a hanging loop to display your wreath.

Happy Crafting!

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