Baby Mobile Pattern

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Need a baby gift idea that is certain to delight new parents? Using the leftover yarn from two yarn kits, this baby mobile pattern is a great way to display your amigurumi creatures.



(Though beginner crocheters could work this pattern easily, it is graded as intermediate due to the difficulty of crocheting around rigid objects.)



BO: Bind off
CH: Chain
CO: Cast on
SC: Single crochet
STS: Stitches
*: Repeat instructions between this symbol


This pattern uses two amigurumi kits. I made the unicorns and llamas.


First make four amigurumi animals. The mobile is made with leftover yarn from the two amigurumi kits.

For the mobile loops I used a strip of plastic ½” wide from my craft stash. If you don’t have any yourself, you can cut your own out of plastic sheeting.

Make two circles, one smaller than the other. Your size may vary. I positioned my little animals several inches apart from one another and made my circles based on fitting the larger circle over their heads and the smaller one over their backs..

With leftover yarn in preferred color, tie the yarn onto one of the plastic circles.

You will single crochet around the circle and cover it completely in yarn.

It is cumbersome to crochet around rigid plastic which is why I graded this pattern intermediate. I pulled the yarn around the plastic with my non-crochet hand.

Guide the loops evenly next to each other as you crochet around.

After crocheting around the ring once, single crochet around again to ensure the ring is completely covered. The second time is easier since you can crochet into the stitches from the first round.

Repeat this process for the second ring in color of your choice.

Weave in ends.

Ring Connecting Strips (Make 4)


Row 1: CH1, SC across

Row 2: CH1, SC across

BO leaving long tail for finishing

Sew strips to smaller and larger rings, equal distance from each other.

While you can measure to be exact, I just visibly lined up my pieces, sewing into place as I went..

Hanger (Make 1)

CO 100 STS

Row 1: CH1, SC across

Row 2: CH1, SC across

BO leaving long tail for finishing

Sew hanger ends to smaller ring, equal distance from each other. Pinch middle of the hanger and sew together, creating an inch loop.

Animal Connecting Strips (Make 4)


Row 1: CH1, SC across

BO leaving long tail for finishing

Sew one end of strip to animal’s head between the ears. Then sew other end to larger ring equal distance between ring connecting strips.

Flower (Make 12)

Make flowers out of whatever leftover yarn you like. I made mine two toned to make them distinctive.

With color A

CO 6 STS, join to form ring

Row 1: CH 2, SC 11

After closing row, switch to color B.

Row 2: CH 5, slip 1 stitch, *SC 1, CH 1*

Repeat *, ending with a SC

Row 3: CH 2, *SC 1, SC 4 STS into chain*

Repeat *, ending with a SC

Leave long tails when changing color to use for finishing. Sew flowers over the spot where strips and handles are connected to rings.

Weave in ends. Hang up to watch your mobile in action.

A view of the mobile from below:

The parents I gifted this mobile to loved it. Craft on!

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