Amigurumi Llamas

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

This yarn kit comes with all the yarn you need to make two little llamas that are utterly adorable. The kit includes instructions that are easy to follow. Plus, there’s enough yarn to personalize each llama. I made a blanket for each of mine.


Beginner (Pattern is marked for beginners. But similar to the unicorn kit I reviewed, I feel this pattern is better for intermediate crocheters.



Similar to the Amigurumi Unicorns, I feel that this kit is better suited for intermediate crocheters. The directions were easy to follow but the llamas are small as is the crochet hook. Beginners might find it difficult because of the small scale.

The body and head crochet up easily. I made both llamas at the same time, so crocheted two heads, two bodies, etc. so they would be completed at the same time. You stuff the head and body before connecting them.

The directions tell you to crochet through the back loop on certain rows. This makes picking up stitches for the fleece much easier. Crocheting the fleece was probably the most time consuming part of this pattern. But the end result is super cute.

Llama ears are made by folding over a small bit of crochet work. They give the animals a lot of character.

Just like the unicorn kit, the legs can be filled with plastic straws. I skipped this step because these will be part of a baby gift. My llamas still stand fine on their own.

The pattern calls for making a harness for one of the llamas. But I wanted my llamas to frolic free so made ear tassels instead.

The blanket turned out so cute I decided both llamas needed one. The one on the left is made according to the pattern.

They turned out so cute!

Everybody that I showed these llamas to loved them. I will definitely be keeping this pattern.

The blankets and ear tassels look so cute on the llamas I recommend making them for both.

These two are definitely small. Here’s my cat for scale.

Craft on!


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