Farmhouse Wood Slice Ornaments

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Here’s a super simple ornament to create, that has a lot of Farmhouse charm.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, drill a hole in the top of all of your wood slices.  Paint the front of the wood slice with your white acrylic paint, leaving a small border of exposed wood all around the edge.  Let dry.  You will probably need to add at least a second coat of paint to get a nice, even white surface.  Let dry.

Use your pencil to lightly draw your words onto the white surface.  I suggest you figure out which letter/between which two letters is the center of your word, and start writing the word in the center of your ornament with that/those letter(s).   I chose to elongate my letters, making the letters tall and skinny.  Try looking at some fonts online to decide how you want your words to look.

Use a detail brush, and your black paint to paint over your pencil lines.  Remember, the “handpainted” quality of the letters is what gives these ornaments a lot of their charm, so don’t fret too much over trying to make the lines all equal thickness.  We’re going for rustic, farmhouse charm.

Some words to paint might be: Merry, bright, peace, joy, Noel, cheer, “Ho, Ho, Ho,” jingle, or even names of people in your family.

Cut a length of jute, thread it through the hole in each ornament, and then tie a knot in the top to form a hanging loop.

Cut a length of ribbon, and tie it once around the jute, forming a simple knot.  Pull the ends tight, and slide the knot down so it sits right against the top of the ornament.

Cut the ends of the ribbon into a “v” shape.  Use your lighter to carefully melt the cut edges of the ribbon to prevent it from fraying.

These ornaments are great to customize will all sorts of fun words, or whatever names you choose.  Try embellishing your designs further by add some basic painted vines, leaves, or lines, but try to keep the design simple.  The farmhouse look of these ornaments is really in their simplicity.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Steve

    The best way to protect your wood jewelry from cracking is to treat it after the pentadactyl has been bitten. I locate a piece of wood in the back of the picture and cut it out and I peel a squash, grate it, and place it face down on a piece of wood. after I Press down on a wet towel.

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