Rustic Farmhouse Angel

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a pretty angel with rustic farmhouse charm using simple materials, and this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Cut a 12×12 inch square from your posterboard.  Turn the square like a diamond, and begin rolling your square from the corner on your right into a cone–the top corner of your square will become the pointed top of the cone.   Roll, and tighten your cone until the bottom hole is about 4-inches across–it will have an uneven point sticking down.  Use your hot glue to glue the cone together.

Use your scissors to trim the extra posterboard off of the bottom of the cone so it’s even, and sits flat.

Cut and inch wide piece off of your cardboard tube.

Now we’ll measure how long we need to cut our pieces of yarn to create the skirt.  Slip the cardboard ring over the top of your cone, and pull it down until it rests against the cone.  Hold the end of  your yarn up at the top of edge of the ring, and measure down the length of your cone, and then add about 3-inches more to the length.  Now, take this length, and fold the yarn over to form two pieces of yarn that are your measured length, joined at the top.

Pull the cardboard ring off of the cone.  To attach to the ring, push the folded end through the ring.

Making sure the tails are even, push the tails up over the ring, and through the loop on the other side.

Pull to tighten.

Slip the cardboard ring back onto your cone, and see if your yarn piece is as long enough to cover the posterboard skirt.  You want it to be longer you need, as you can always trim the skirt shorter when you’re done.  When you’re happy with the length, slip the yarn off of the ring, open it up, and use it to help you cut a whole pile of pieces of yarn the same length.

Attach all of your pieces of yarn around the cardboard ring, snugging them up against each other to fully cover the cardboard.

When it is fully covered, slip it back over the top of the cone, using hot glue to hold it in place.  Trim the excess yarn on the bottom as needed.

Use your craft knife to poke a hole on both sides of cone where you want the arms to be.  Poke your stick through–glue as needed.  Trim the point of the cone down so the wooden head will fit on top snugly.  Use hot glue to secure.

Cut a strip of cheesecloth, and wrap around the top of the cone under the head to cover the chest of the angel. Glue as needed to secure.

Cut another strip of cheesecloth, and drape it over the shoulders of the angel, and up over the top of the arms to the front.

Cross one side over the front, and around to the back.  Cross the opposite side over the front, and around to the back.

Wrap the ends around the midsection of the angel to cover, and glue to secure.

Wrap the wire around a cylindrical object a couple of times, I used a bottle of paint.

Bend the end down straight, like you’re making a lollipop.

Tuck the straight stick part down the back of the angel’s cheesecloth dress, and secure with hot glue.

Draw a wing onto your cardboard.  Use your craft knife to cut it out.  Trace that wing onto the cardboard, using it as a pattern for the second wing.  Cut out the second wing.

Use hot glue to attach your wings to the back of your angel.

Cut a long piece of gingham ribbon, and tie around your angel’s waist.

Tie a simple bow in the back.  Cut the ends of the ribbon into a “v.”

This angel will look sweet either on top of your Christmas tree, or just sitting on a mantle or bookshelf.

Happy Crafting!

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