Woven Yarn Star Ornaments

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make some pretty ornaments this Christmas with just a few supplies, and this simple technique.  Vary your results by using different types of yarn, twine, or even jute.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your ruler and pencil to mark 3-inch squares on your piece of cardboard.  Use your utility knife to cut out 2 squares for each ornament you intend to make.  Take 2 squares, and glue them together like the photo.

Poke either a pin, or half of a toothpick into every corner of your cardboard star.  Leave about 1/2-inch sticking out.

Glue the end of your yarn to the top square so it is coming off of the corner.

Cut a small square of paper to cover the cardboard on both sides of your ornament.  This is a great way to recycle pretty old Christmas cards–the backside of these ornaments have a lot of exposed paper, and can nicely display a pretty picture.   Glue onto the cardboard, and over the end of the yarn.

Hold your star so the top piece of cardboard is laying like a square, rather than like a diamond (This will be the front side of your ornament, so plan any decorative paper accordingly).  Make sure the yarn is coming off of the top, right corner.  Draw your yarn straight down to the bottom right pin (it will follow the straight edge of your cardboard square), go under the pin, and then up and over the next pin up on the right side.

The pattern from now on will be “down two, up one.”  Draw your yarn over the cardboard  two pins, go over and then under and around that pin, and then under and up over one pin to the right.

Draw the yarn along the edge of your cardboard square again, and over the pin two to the left of the pin were are on.  Go over, and then under and around the pin, and then up and over one pin to the right.

Continue to repeat this pattern around the star.

Once you go all around the star one time, you’ll no longer be wrapping directly on the pins.  You’ll begin moving your yarn to the left (inside) of the previous wrapped strands of yarn, which will move you onto the cardboard.

Two down, one up, repeat, always laying the new strand to the left of the previous strands.  You’re working towards the middle.  You’ll see a pattern starting to emerge.

Continue winding the yarn as many times as you desire.  To end, cut the yarn before you make your next wrap, tuck the end in between the strands to hide, and glue as needed.

Push the pins down so only the pearl tops stick out.  If you used toothpicks, push them almost all of the way down, and then glue a little pom-pom on the end.  Alternately, you can just leave the toothpicks sticking out, and glue pom-poms on the ends.

Glue embellishments into the center of the front, as desired, or onto the more open backside of your ornament.

Tie a loop of yarn, or jute as a hanger, and tie, or glue to your star.

Vary your stars by using different thicknesses, or textures of yarn, or try using jute for a rustic star.

Happy Crafting!

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