Thankful Turkey

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a fun centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, and celebrate all you are thankful for this year.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use a serrated knife, like a bread knife, to slice the bottom inch or so off of the bottom of the styrofoam ball.

Use your ruler, and mark off a 12-inch circle on your brown fabric.  To do so, make a dot in the center as the center of the circle, and then, measure 6-inches out from the mark all around in a circle.  Cut out.

Thread your needle with a long length of embroidery floss, using all strands.  Sew a loose running stitch all around the edge of the circle, about a quarter of an inch from the edge.  Gently gather the circle into a little pouch.

Place the styrofoam ball into the fabric pouch, flat bottom up, and draw the fabric around the ball to cover it fully.  Tie off the needle and thread, and glue the fabric as needed to secure.

To create the turkey’s neck, cut two slits about an inch apart on the bottom edge of the paper towel tube.

Fold the tab formed by the slits so it sticks out from the tube.

Figure out where you want the neck to fit onto the body, and cut a slit in the fabric of the body.

Slide the tab you created on the cardboard tube into the fabric slit on the body, and use hot glue to attach the neck to the body.

To flatten the bottom edge of the cardboard neck so it fits against the body, cut slits in the tube, and then bend them into the body, attaching them with hot glue.  Cut the tube down to the length that you want the neck to be.

Cut a rectangle of red felt that is about 1/2-inch longer than the neck tube, and wraps all the way around to cover.

Glue onto the front, and wrap the felt around to the back, overlapping the back edges.  Use your scissors to round the side edges so the base of the neck is more rounded.

Cut slits into the red felt that sticks up over the top of the top edge of the neck, and fold them down inside top of the tube.  Hot glue in place.

Cut an egg shape from the red felt that is about 3 inches wider than the styrofoam egg.  Cut slits all around the felt egg.

Wrap the egg in the felt by folding, and gluing the felt tabs tightly around the egg, one at a time, overlapping each tab.

Glue the head onto the neck, seam side down.

Cut two triangles from orange felt, one about 1/4-inch smaller than the other.

Fold the smaller of the triangles in half, add hot glue along the longer edges, open slightly, and stick to the inside of the slightly folded larger triangle.

Glue the beak to the face of the turkey.

Cut a large teardrop shaped wattle for your turkey.  Attach across the top of the beak with hot glue.

Use a pencil to poke a hole on each side of the head, fill with hot glue, and then push eyes into the holes.

To add the paper clip holders to the back of the turkey, use an X-Acto knife to cut slits through the fabric where you want the paper clips to sit.  Push the paper clips into the styrofoam ball, so 3/4 of the clip sticks out the top.  Hot glue to hold in place.

Use hot glue to attach the flat bottom of the turkey to the wood plaque base.

Use the felt to create some fancy wings for your turkey, and use hot glue to attach them to both sides of the turkey’s body.

To use, print and cut out the Turkey Feathers PDF.  Write things that you are thankful for on the feathers, and then place them in the paperclips on the body of the turkey to give him tail feathers.  This would be a great activity to do on Thanksgiving day itself, or throughout the month of November as an ongoing activity of counting your blessings.

Happy Crafting!

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