Amigurumi Unicorns

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Heard of Amigurumi but aren’t sure where to start? Or need a cute gift idea? This Unicorn kit comes with all the yarn you need to make two adorable unicorns that fit in the palm of your hand.


Beginner (Pattern is marked for beginners. I feel it is better suited for intermediates-see below.)




The kit is cleverly packaged. All needed yarn is wrapped into a flattish yarn cake. You’ll unwind the cake into separate balls.

To make these unicorns you’ll need a size B / 2.25mm crochet needle. This is a pretty small needle so I recommend getting a hook that has extra padding so your hand won’t cramp up.

The instructions are very straightforward. A clever detail is that you make solid and stripe pieces one after the other which means you’ll get both done at the same time. The body comes first.

For the heads I recommend putting a stitch marker in it after finishing. The heads are somewhat bigger than the body section though it could be easy to mix them up.

The legs are made to have bits of plastic straw slid into them after finishing. I’m making mine for a future baby mobile so skipped putting in the straws.

The instructions are laid out so you make the solid color first. This is helpful if you’re not used to crocheting stripes in the round. It lets you do a test run of sorts before working up the striped version. Necks come next.

The solid unicorn has a multi-colored tail while the striped unicorn has solid blue. This makes for a balanced color distribution.

The ears were a bit tricky but just because of the smallness in size.

The manes follow the color distribution of the tails respectively.

Forelocks are blue for both unicorns.

Only the striped unicorn gets wings.

The pattern calls for wrapping yarn around a toothpick for the horns. Since I’m making these for a baby’s room I made soft yarn horns instead. I made a chain of 6 stitches and then a row of half crochet.

The body parts are pretty small and can easily get misplaced. I used a small plastic bin to keep track of them.

Assembling the unicorns was pretty straightforward. But the smallness of the pieces did make the process slower.

Yarn ends are easily hidden by weaving them into the specific body part or by drawing them into the head or body.

I had plenty of yarn leftover from this project. So feel free to leave yourself long tail ends for assemblage.

The unicorns turned out even cuter than the picture on the yarn band.

I had a lot of fun posing them. They would make a fun gift for adults too.

The pattern calls for safety eyes but I decided to embroider eyes on instead.

I also made dots instead of x’s for the nostrils. The smiles add to the cuteness of the design.

My unicorns matched the pattern dimensions. They’re about 4” tall each.

Though this pattern is geared for beginners I would grade it as an intermediate because of the scale. Even with a padded crochet hook my hands still cramped up so it took longer to make than expected. Other than that  I think this is a good pattern. I especially like that you get two completed pieces.

Craft on!

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